Disinfectant, Citrus Scent
$46.00 - $481.00


Versatile to meet your cleaning & sanitizing requirements. Dilute to proper strength, from hospital-grade disinfecting to sanitizing cleanliness. Use to clean, deodorize & disinfect all hard surfaces in schools, hospitals, institutions, & public facilities. Kills HIV-1, Hepatitis-B & Hepatitis-C on pre-cleaned surfaces, & is effective against MRSA & VISA. Clean, fresh citrus aroma.

EPA registered.

Shelf Life: 24 Months

SDS: 07289-07291-07293

Tech: Disinfectant, Citrus Scent

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Bottles, Trigger Sprayers, Squeeze Caps, & Pump Handles are sold separately. See Related Products to order.

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Product # Size Description Price
07289 CS 4/1 gal case $46.00
07291 DR 55 gal drum $481.00
07293 PL 5 gal cube $52.00