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$3.03 - $13.66


T-Shirts are 50/50 poly/cotton jersey knit with tapered shoulder & neck. Hemmed sleeves & bottom.

Sizes L, 2XL, 4XL, 6XL, 8XL

Sweatshirts are 50/50 poly/cotton fleece napped material. 7.7 oz. per square yard. Cuffed sleeves & waistband.

Sizes L, 2XL, 4XL, 6XL, 8XL

(Custom screen print $25.00 one-time setup charge, $.50 each piece. Call for more information.)




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Product # Size Description Price
17150L EA White T-Shirt, Large $3.03
17150M EA White T-Shirt, Medium $3.03
17150S EA White T-Shirt, Small $3.03
17150XL EA White T-Shirt, XLarge $3.03
1715010XL EA White T-Shirt, 10XLarge $3.03
171502XL EA White T-Shirt, 2XLarge $3.03
171503XL EA White T-Shirt, 3XLarge $3.03
171504XL EA White T-Shirt, 4XLarge $3.03
171505XL EA White T-Shirt, 5XLarge $3.03
171506XL EA White T-Shirt, 6XLarge $3.03
171507XL EA White T-Shirt, 7XLarge $3.03
171508XL EA White T-Shirt, 8XLarge $3.03
171509XL EA White T-Shirt, 9XLarge $3.03
17810L EA Gray Sweatshirt, Large $13.66
17810M EA Gray Sweatshirt, Medium $13.66
17810S EA Gray Sweatshirt, Small $13.66
17810XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, XLarge $13.66
1781010XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 10XLarge $13.66
1781012XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 12XLarge $13.66
178102XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 2XLarge $13.66
178103XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 3XLarge $13.66
178104XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 4XLarge $13.66
178105XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 5XLarge $13.66
178106XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 6XLarge $13.66
178107XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 7XLarge $13.66
178108XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 8XLarge $13.66
178109XL EA Gray Sweatshirt, 9XLarge $13.66