Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI) is established by the Georgia General Assembly as a public corporation, owned by the State of Georgia in 1960.

GCI first operates out of Georgia State Prison (GSP) in Reidsville, GA. Product begins with garments and chemicals located at GSP.


GCI opens headquarters in Stone Mountain, GA.

Re-upholstery, tags and metal refinishing opeations open at GSP.

Plans are made to open new plants throughout the state in multiple State Prison (SP).


New construction begins and headquarters moves to its current location in Decatur, GA.


New plants are built and opened at the following locations; Garments at Pulaski SP, Garments at Washington SP.

Printing moves from Metro SP to Phillips SP. Tag production is moved to a new plant at Telfair SP.


Sign Reclaiming Plan opens at GSP.

Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) is established at GSP & Smith SP.

Agribusiness & Food Service moves from Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) to GCI.

2010 - Present

Tag production upgrades from screen printed stamped plates to state of the art digital printing on flat plates.

The Package Plant is opened as a PIECP programs at Lee Arrendale SP.

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