Mattress, Safguard Bact Res
$115.00 - $195.00


Safguard core is a fire retardant foam approved by the Georgia State Fire Marshal for use in detention & health care facilities. Non-allergenic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. Resistant to alcohol, oil, grease, ozone, & most chemical solvents. Tough, durable, & long lasting.

Cover is non-absorbent bacteria resistant fabric. Flame retardant & will self-extinguish the instant the flame source is removed. Carries Environmental Protection Agency Registration No. 8730-2.



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Product # Size Description Price
20055 EA Mattress, Safguard 26x74x2 $115.00
20057 EA Mattress, Safguard 25x76x2 $115.00
20060 EA Mattress, Safguard 32x78x2 $125.00
20065 EA Mattress, Safguard 36x75x3 $195.00
20070 EA Mattress, Safguard 32x78x3 $185.00
20084 EA Mattress, Safguard 26x80x3 $175.00
20088 EA Mattress, Safguard 24x74x3 $175.00
20092 EA Mattress, Safguard 36x80x3 $175.00