Pillows, DP Core
$6.00 - $9.00


Densified Polyester core is extremely lightweight & resilient, providing comfort & a long service. Meets California Fire Marshal Bulletin 121 & 129 when covered in a compliant material. Fire retardant.

Clear Vinyl Covers

- Are 10 oz., 16 Mil
- Are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, flame retardant & very durable
- Feature reinforced clear vinyl to allow for easy inspections in secure environments
- Provide an easy-to-clean, strong & tear resistant surface

(Passes NFPA 701, large scale, Cal 117, 16CFR Part 1632 (FF4-72), classified Class A, Passes verticle flame test of Federal Standard 191, Method 5903.)

Bacteria Resistant Tan & Green Vinyl Covers:

- Are 10 oz., 14 Mil
- Offer fabric-like comfort
- Are flame retardant & will self-extinguish the instant the flame source is removed
- Carry the EPA Registration #8730-2
- Effectively reduce surface growth of gram positive & gram negative bacteria
- Are approved by & registered with every major fire regulatory agency
- Provides a non-absorbent, easy-to-clean surface
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Product # Size Description Price
20607 EA DP Core Pillow, Green Vinyl Cover, 17x25 $6.00
20613 EA DP Core Pillow, Tan Vinyl Cover, 20x26 $7.00
20614 EA DP Core Pillow, Clear Vinyl Cover, 20x26 $7.00
20615RF EA DP Core Pillow, Clear Vinyl w/ Sealed Seam, 20x26 $9.00
20617 EA DP Core Pillow, Tan Vinyl Cover, 17x24 $7.00
20617RF EA DP Core Pillow w/ Sealed Seam, Green Vinyl, 17x24 $8.00