Signature 3-in-1 Detergent
$42.90 - $184.80


Environmentally Friendly!

A Detergent, Builder & Conditioner in One!

Designed for all washing machines:

- Standard/Manual
- High Efficiency
- Automatic Dispensing Systems

Will not clog automatic systems.

Available with or without enzymes.

APE free, Phosphate free, does not contain toxins,carcinogenics, silicates, caustics, corrosives or solvents.

Use cold water to save money or hot water to sanitize. Either product can be used in hot or cold water. Non-enzyme version can be used with bleach.

Strong enough for the toughest stains. Safe enough to wash your hands!

Creates low foam for efficient rinsing. Balances water pH to prevent dulling residue. Neutralizes acids for environmental entry. Reduces static cling and softens fabrics.

Works in all GCI automatic dispensing systems.

SDS 07660-07661-07662

SDS 07670-07671-07674

Signature 3-in-1 Laundry Detergent Flyer

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Product # Size Description Price
07660 DR With Enzymes, 15 gal drum $184.80
07661 PL With Enzymes, 5 gal cube $61.60
07662 CS With Enzymes, 4/1 gal case $49.50
07670 DR Without Enzymes, 15 gal drum $158.40
07671 PL Without Enzymes, 5 gal cube $52.80
07674 CS Without Enzymes, 4/ gal case $42.90