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For School, Restaurant, Food Handling and Processing Areas, and Institutional Kitchens

EPA registered quaternary ammonium sanitizer. Designed for use as a final rinse sanitizer of pre-cleaned hand washed ware and utensils. Can be used as a general hard surface sanitizer.

Uses include sanitization of pre-cleaned:
- Mobile items in public eating establishments such as drinking glasses, dishes, eating utensils
- Public eating establishment surfaces such as counters, tables, finished wood or plastic cutting boards
- Dairy processing equipment such as tanks, piping, pasteurizers, milking equipment
- Food-grade eggs in shell egg and egg product-processing plants
- Immobile food processing equipment and surfaces such as tanks, finished wood or plastic chopping blocks, counter tops and conveyors
- Mobile food processing utensils such as knives, grinders, shredders, cleavers, and ladles

073000 Sanitizer+Plus Test Strips

Litmus Test Strips, for quaternary ammonia compounds "QUAT", waterproof vial with color-coded test chart.

SDS 07730-07732-07735

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Product # Size Description Price
073000 EA Sanitizer+Plus Test Strips, 100/pack $5.25
07730 PL Sanitizer Plus+ 5 gallon cube $53.90
07732 CS Sanitizer Plus+ 4/1 gallon case $42.90
07735 DR Sanitizer Plus+ 15 gallon drum $137.50