Traffic Paint - Fast Dry
$62.75 - $656.00


Made for application to all road surfaces for delineation. Lead free. Colorfast. Soap & water cleanup. Apply with sprayer for immediate dry application.

For use on asphalt, concrete, brick & cobble stones, concrete curbs.

VOC & GDOT Compliant
Tech: Fast Dry White Traffic Paint

Tech: Fast Dry Yellow Traffic Paint

SDS: White Traffic Paint

SDS: Yellow Traffic Paint

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GCI Traffic Paint Regular & Fast Dry Now Available!

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Traffic Paint Product Brochure

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Product # Size Description Price
TRAF-FD-5A-WH-5GL GL Fast Dry Traffic Paint, White, 5 Gal $63.00
TRAF-FD-5B-YL-5GL GL Fast Dry Traffic Paint, Yellow, 5 Gal. $62.75
TRAF-NMWH-55D DR Fast Dry Traffic Paint, White, 55 Gal Drum $656.00
TRAF-NMYL-55D DR Fast Dry Traffic Paint, Yellow, 55 Gal Drum $647.50