Ultralite Tables & Chairs
$56.00 - $460.00


Ultralite tables & chairs are made from .07" thick, high-impact polyethylene plastic. Lightweight & durable, they are easy to carry, set up & store. Folding table legs fit securely within the molded tops for flat stacking.

Ultralite tables feature sturdy seamless molding & weather resistant features making the speckled-white table tops impervious to water & resistant to UV fading & sun damage. They are easy to clean & can be used with confidence indoors & outdoors.

Ultralite is the perfect choice for frequently reconfigured spaces like conference rooms, screening areas, schools & healthcare facilities.

- Table tops are blow-molded for optimum consistency & durability.
- Legs are 1.125" tubular steel & cross-braced for stability.
- Steel legs are finished in a tough black powder-coat.
- Folding chairs feature an integrated back hand hold.
- Storage Caddies with wheels are available for easy transport & storage in vertical & horizontal configurations.

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Image Product # Size Description Price
TBL-FOLD7230 EA 72" x 30" Ultralite Bi-fold Table w/ Latch $92.00
TBL-RND48 EA 48" Round Ultralite Folding Table $75.00
TBL-RND60 EA 60" Round Ultralite Folding Table $112.00
TBL-RND71 EA 71" Round Ultralite Folding Table $189.95
TBL3636 EA 36" x 36" Ultralite Folding Table $74.00
TBL4824 EA 48" x 24" Ultralite Folding Table $56.00
TBL6030 EA 60" x 30" Ultralite Folding Table $75.00
TBL7230 EA 72" x 30" Ultralite Folding Table $85.00
TBL9630 EA 96" x 30" Ultralite Folding Table $117.00
VL.KTH6 EA 78" Ultralite Horizontal Storage Caddy $275.00
VL.KTH8 EA 99.375" Ultralite Horizontal Storage Caddy $293.00
VL.KTR9 EA 55.25" Vertical Storage Caddy $460.00
VL.KTV68 EA 78" Ultralite Vertical Storage Caddy $330.00
VL.100.BL.WH EA Hi-Impact Plastic FoldChair $59.00