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Our patties are great staple item for your menu and have many uses. They can be enjoyed with brown gravy, onion gravy, or with sauteed onions and peppers; or meatloaf patties are great with ketchup or tomato-based gravy. Beef patties can be served on a bun with condiments as a hamburger or a cheeseburger.

Chuckwagon Pattie Spec Sheet

Salisbury Pattie Spec Sheet

Meatloaf Pattie Spec Sheet

Beef Pattie Spec Sheet






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Product # Size Description Price
70710315 LB Chuckwagon Patties: 50# case, 180 patties per case $1.38
70710320 LB Salisbury Patties: 55# case, 196 patties per case $1.00
70710360 LB Beef Patties: 50# case, 200 patties per case $1.38
70710370 LB Meatloaf Patties: 55# case, 180 patties per case $1.38