Bid Documents


Notice of Award - OEI Panel Components



Bid Cancellation Notice

 66700 - Yellow and White Cheese Slices

Sole Source


Bid 36827 Platesetter

Bid 57416 Seed Potatoes


RFQ #34078 License Plate Sheeting & Over-Laminate

License Plate Sheeting & Over-Laminate Bid

Questions and Answers Document

Pre-bid Meeting Minutes 10-20-16

Notice of Intent to Award RFQ #34078

Notice of Award RFQ #34078


Wastewater Management Bid

Wastewater Management Bid


One Year Price Agreement number 30732

Complete Freight Bid


RFP Number 27572

SP Entrance Instructions Document

RFP Offender Package Program

Notice of Award OPP 9-27-16

GCI Response to Protest

Keefe Protest Reply

USG Sur-Reply to Protest

Union Supply Protest Response

Keefe Protest

Keefe Exhbit 1

Keefe Exhbit 2

Keefe Exhbit 3

Keefe Exhbit 4

Keefe Exhbit 5

Keefe Exhbit 6

Keefe Exhbit 7

Keefe Exhbit 8

Keefe Exhbit 9

Keefe Exhbit 10

Keefe Exhbit 11

Keefe Exhbit 12

Keefe Exhbit 13

Keefe Exhbit 14

Keefe Exhbit 15

Keefe Exhbit 16

NOI Award OPP Final 

Attachment A - RFP Submision Requirements

Attachment B - GA Property Menu Items 

Attachment C - GDC Quarterly Food Program Sample

Attachment D - SP Offender Labor Available

Attachment E - List of GDC Facilities

Attachment F - Facility Directions

Attachment G - Standard Operating Procedures

Attachment H - Contractor Affidavit

Attachment I - Proposal Certification 

Attachment J - Insurance Requirements

Addendum 1

Addendum 2

Addendum 3

Addendum 4

Addendum 5

Addendum 6

Addendum 7