GCI Food & Farm

GCI's Food & Farm division produces 42% of Georgia's Department of Corrections annual food requirements.

GCI's Food & Farm division maintains one of the lowest raw food costs in the nation -- $1.57 per day per inmate (FY 2014).


Each year, the farm program gives more than 300 inmates the opportunity to work in farm operations located across the state including Lee Arrendale, Dooly,
Montgomery, and Rogers State Prisons. Stand-alone units include Joe Kennedy Farm and Middle Georgia Regional Farm.

Feed Truck Planting Rows Squash Product Dozer Repair


The farm program currently operates over 14,000 acres of land. Production facilities include a milk plant, meat processing plant, cannery, and grist mill. Emphasis is placed on efficient farm operation, distribution, warehousing, and food preparation. Major production enterprises include beef, pork, milk, fruits and vegetables, eggs, grits, and corn meal.

Food & Farm maintains the following for GDC:

    • Master Menu
    • Emergency Support for Food Operations
    • Food Service Equipment
    • Timber Resources
Food & Farm serves over 38,000,000 meals annually. (FY 2014) The division also produces food items sold to 28 other state agencies and local governments at a cost savings to taxpayers.