Georgia Correctional Industries agriculture programs produce 42% (FY 18) of the food items utilized within the offender menu; with products privilege to carry the Georgia Grown Label. Production facilities include dairy, meat and egg processing units, cannery, and grist mill. Emphasis is placed on efficient farm operations, distribution, warehousing, and food preparation. Major production enterprises include beef, pork, milk, fruits and vegetables, eggs, grits, and corn meal.

GCI’s Food Service Program provides oversite and management for the Department of Corrections maintaining one of the lowest food costs -- $1.48 per offender per day (FY 18); serving over 39 million meals annually (FY 18).


Each year, GCI’s agriculture programs provide the opportunity for more than 300 offenders to work in farm operations located across the state including Lee Arrendale, Dooly, Montgomery, and Rogers State Prisons. Stand-alone units include Joe Kennedy Farm and Middle Georgia Regional Farm. Georgia Correctional Industries agriculture programs operate over 13,000 acres utilized for crop production, livestock and grazing.

GCI maintains the following for CDG:

    • Master Menu
    • Emergency Support for Food Operations
    • Food Service Equipment
    • Timber Resources

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