GCI Manufacturing teaches marketable industry job skills to more than 1000 inmates each work day.

Inmates learn how to make, assemble, service, and distribute products in factories within correctional facilities. Within our 21 plants, GCI plays a valuable role in providing the training, work experience, and education inmates will need to obtain employment upon release.

Our manufacturing program successfully links training, industry, and education to provide meaningful work for state inmates. For offenders who wish to become productive citizens upon release, GCI is an invaluable resource for hands-on job training and experience that can be applied in the communities where they will reside.

GCI Manufacturing:

    • Provides OJT (on-the-job) training for inmates
    • Enrolls participants in OJT college programs
    • Produces quality products
    • Provides skilled services
    • Sells to the public sector at lower costs
    • Employs released inmates
    • Employs Georgia citizens


Georgia Department of Corrections and Georgia taxpayers also benefit from these programs. For example, 1) program participants produce clothing and furnishings provided to inmates across the state, thus lowering the cost of such items paid for by Georgia taxpayers and, 2) state and local government agencies can purchase office furniture, cleaning chemicals, and traffic signs at lower costs than what they would pay to private vendors.


Inmate Training


Inmates Training

Inmates Working


Inmates Working