Georgia Correctional Industries is committed to mentoring and developing offenders with marketable job skills needed to become productive citizens.


Georgia Correctional Industries is an authority owned by the state of Georgia and is an integral part of the Georgia Department of Corrections employing approximately 1000 offenders. During their incarceration offenders are provided opportunities to enhance key attributes needed to obtain employment upon release. Georgia Correctional Industries plays a valuable role in this process by providing opportunities within one of our three divisions.
Manufacturing, Food Service, and Agribusiness
Our customers come from all sectors of the public service including:

Food Service
Health Care
Parks & Recreation
Public Safety

Georgia Correctional Industries positively impacts offenders lives through the goods and services we provide. Please read more about our offenders, customer and opportunities in which you can positively impact your community.


GCI Administrative Office in Decatur, Georgia












GCI Programs benefit all of us…

Reduces .... Idle time during incarceration

Provides .... Certified job skills for offenders

Savings .... To the tac payers of Georgia

Employs .... Georgia Citizens throughout the state including ex-offenders where able