GCI provides real-world, hands-on job skills training for Georgia state inmates.

Program participants benefit from meaningful work that helps them develop marketable job skills prior to release from prison.


GCI is a self-sufficient authority owned by the state, operating under the Georgia Department of Corrections. Our manufacturing, food production and processing programs are funded by the high-quality products and services we sell to government agencies.

As state inmates are used in the manufacture of our goods, we sell only to government entities or contractors working for government entities. Our customers come from all sectors of public service including:

Food Service
Health Care
Parks & Recreation
Public Safety

 GCI Headquarters

GCI Administration in Decatur, Georgia












 GCI Programs

Reduce inmate idle time

More than 1400 inmates participate each work day in 25 GCI factories and farms.
In FY 2014, inmates worked over 1 million man hours in GCI programs.

Help inmates gain certified job skills

Currently, over 350 inmates are enrolled in over 80 OJT Certificate Programs through Georgia technical colleges. (FY 2014)

Help government agencies spend less money on products and services

To compete, GCI must offer its customers better value and service than they can receive from private vendors.

Employ Georgia Citizens throughout the State

Supervisors, trainers, and administrative professionals work at every GCI facility.